Relay: Professional Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning, Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and related services

Relay: Professional Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning, Will Writing, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and related services

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Estate Planning services for individuals , families and business owners

We provide an ‘at home’ service for all of your estate planning needs.  We prefer to meet you face-to-face and are happy to visit you at home or in your office.  If you would prefer not to have a caller, or are located a long way from our base in Wiltshire, we are fully setup to conduct meetings via video conferencing technology.

Portal or Paper? Always Personal

We make extensive use of technology to provide you with the most efficient service possible, and all of our business paperwork can be securely exchanged and signed by electronic means.  We operate a online portal which allows secure exchange of information and draft paperwork and is very easy to navigate.  However, if you prefer not to interact with computers we can provide everything in paper form.

Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney must be signed (ink on paper) with witnesses preferably physically present in the same place.  The Government has introduced limited concessions to allow for witnessing over video link if physical attendance is not possible or permitted.

We are confident that we can support you in the most appropriate way to ensure that you have these essential documents put in place in a timely manner. 

Will Writing

Everyone needs to have an up to date Will. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. We can draft a Will for you that can make a simple distribution of your estate or one that can adapt to more complicated financial and family needs. In all cases the right Will helps to prevent unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family or friends

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are unable to make decisions for yourself (known as loss of capacity) nobody may take over managing your finances, nor make decisions about the care you need unless you have a registered LPA in place. We can help you put LPAs in place before a crisis strikes, to avoid the lengthy and expensive (and only) alternative of seeking help from the Court of Protection.

Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

If you have more complicated financial affairs, have business interests, or have sufficient wealth to attract a charge to Inheritance Tax we can help you to structure a complete Estate Plan that can efficiently distribute your estate during your lifetime and upon death and adapt to the most complex of family structures


For almost 1,000 years, families have been using trusts to preserve and manage their wealth for the benefit of their heirs. The use of a trust allows you to plan ahead for the distribution of your wealth whilst retaining control and protecting the assets from unwanted claims and spendthrift beneficiaries. Whilst you determine the rules by which your wealth is managed you may step away from day-to-day management if you choose. Trusts can also help enormously to pass your wealth in a tax efficient manner

Severance of Joint Tenancy

If you co-own property as Joint Tenants, the ownership will automatically pass to your co-owners when you die regardless of the provisions in your Will. To enable your Will planning to take effect over the property it is necessary to sever the Joint Tenancy to Tenants in Common. We will advise you if this is necessary as part of our Estate Planning Service and we can also arrange for the necessary documents to be prepared to sever the tenancy and notify the Land Registry of the change.

Secure Storage for Wills & LPAs

We can arrange for your Will, LPA and other important documents to be securely stored until needed. You can have peace of mind that your Will won't be lost, damaged or destroyed. After your death you Executors can easily retrieve your Will as it can also be registered with Certainty - The National Will Register, which is chosen, endorsed and used by Will Writers, the legal profession, law firms, Government agencies, charities, the public and other associated sectors and organisations